Blaster with an attitude




  • PROWESS (Good) 4
  • COORDINATION (Incredible) 7
  • STRENGTH (Good ) 4
  • INTELLECT (Average) 3
  • AWARENESS (Great) 6
  • WILLPOWER (Good) 4


  • BLAST (Amazing) 8
  • FLIGHT (Good) 5
    • 10 Blocks per Page
  • SUPER-SENSES (Average) 3
    • Infra-Red, Radar, Extended x1
    • Breathing, Sleep

Conspiracy Theorist
Gun-Nut Survivalist
“Don’t Tread on Me!”


James Ross learned everything he needed to know about life, liberty, and personal defense from his father, a disgruntled and disabled ex-Marine. Growing up with his father in an old bunker built on a sun-blasted patch of land in Arizona, James grew up believing the best government was a minimalist government that left its people alone.

“Military, police, and courts.” his father would rant loudly. “That’s all the government we need. Everything else is bullshit!”. James took his father’s ideal “night-watchman state” attitude to heart, putting much value in personal freedom and the right to protect it. Typically with automatic weapons, if it came down to that.

Of course, the US government didn’t subscribe the Ross family’s political agenda, and when the federal agents came to claim 20 years of property taxes, it did not go well. Incurring the “Get off my land!” defense, the confrontation quickly escalated into a deadly shoot-out.

However, that exact moment is when James Ross manifested his super powers. As a bullet grazed his father’s temple, James erupted with rage as a massive cannon formed around his arm out of thin air. Without thinking, James let loose blast after blast from the strange arm-cannon, blowing apart the agents’ vehicles.

The federal agents knew they were in over their head, and reported the incident. Within a few hours, black Myrna Initiative helicopters were landing in the Ross’ backyard. The offer they made was simple: give yourself up and no charges would be pressed; in fact, James’ father would go free and the back-taxes would be forgiven.

James Ross just wanted to be left alone. He hated these government lackies, but also feared what would happen to his father if he refused their demands. Grudgingly, against his father’s demands, he submitted himself to the Myrna Initiative.

But James Ross would never forget his father and his ideals. He’d play the Iniatiative’s rules, but in time he would impose his own… as the Nightwatchman.


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